WSC Physician Partners

WSC Credentialed Physican Affliliates

Jennifer Lewis, MD
David Flavin, MD
Sean Lynch, MD
Sukeerti Kesar, MD

General Surgery
Jana Balas, DPM

Marc Bessette, DMP
Brian Naqy, DMP

Sandy Chin, MD
Shilpa Lamba, MD
Eric P. Raffin, MD
Cormac O’Neill, MD

Charles Blitzer, MD – NHAA 2015 Medical Staff of the Year Award
Peter J. Dirksmeier, MD
Adam Fleit, MD
Mark Geppert, MD
David C. Thut, MD, FAADS
Gavin R. Webb, MD
Mark Cullen, MD

Marsha Kavanagh, MD

Plastic Surgery
Heidi Harrington, MD

Oral Surgery
Peter Reich, DMD

Accreditation / Membership Affiliation & Affiliates

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